Hyundai IBT, a spin-off of its holding company, Hyundai Electronics is a company specializing in the display industry.

Hyundai IBT Is a company specializing in the display industry. Its incessant 29-year growth is due to its establishment of a robust global sales system via 300 domestic connections and a number of overseas corporations based in Europe, USA, and Japan.

Currently, Hyundai IBT is actively processing industrial display businesses, which are considered high-profit and high-growth businesses, As the company is fully capable of supporting and developing monitors that usually enjoy a stable market share.

The company is proud of its achievement of the world’s first commercialization of 3D broadcasting - actualizing TV in real time in the field of 3D display, one of the next-generation scopes in the 3D display industry. In the field of digital signage it is extending its competitive market by securing high technologies in the outdoor digital signage field with high technology barriers.

Hyundai IBT continues to engage actively in research and development to maintain its lead in the field of display products.